Studio Diary with composer Ernest Troost

I got an email a few weeks ago from my old friend Ernest Troost.  Ernest and I had crossed paths while I was doing gigs with Nicole Gordon.  He’s a great songwriter and acoustic guitar player but wait…there’s more!  I didn’t know when I first met him but he is also a world class composer of music for films and TV.  Ever seen the movie “Tremors” with Kevin Bacon?  One of my all time favorite cult films!  That’s Ernest on the score.

Ernest was working on his new CD and needed some lapsteel – he sent me the track and I did a mock up of the solo and sent it back to him.  He liked what he heard and we decided it would be easiest to record the “real” track at his studio.

We used my trusty Supro Lapsteel and a Carr Raleigh amplifier.  The combination was stellar!  After two or three passes for the verses and the solo’s – BAM – it was done!

Check out Ernest’s site: Ernest Troost

Carr Raleigh amp and ribbon mic












Ernest Troost

Supro lapsteel